About Us

PhysicalMind Institute began as the Institute for the Pilates Method almost three decades ago to spread the valuable work that was lost with late Joseph Pilates in 1967.

PMI pioneered training programs and began the legal process that led to the liberation of the Pilates name so that within a decade Pilates went from total obscurity to a household name.

Founder of the PhysicalMind Institute, Joan Breibart who has practiced Pilates for more than 50 years, started the Pilates boom with the introduction of the first Pilates certification program and the reinvention of inaccessible Pilates equipment. Joan’s vision helped spread what was once only a secret of a handful of specialized dancers and therapists.

The Institute’s courses deliver the most evolved professional training today with programs that are relevant to all fitness professionals. With our latest innovation, Tye4®, the wearable reformer, we make the practice even more possible and accessible outside the studio. Check out our Standing Pilates® course and the soon-to-be launched Osteoporosis Workout.


Who We Are